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Scale your business without
a headache related to KYT

Thousands of daily transactions? MarketGuard is here to help

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TradFi & DeFi

Monitor both bank wires and blockchain transactions in one place


Define allowed transaction thresholds and reminders, get alerts about unusual activity to your email or Slack, create reporting templates


Save time of your compliance team and let the bots do the routine by connecting your bank, custody and trading accounts


Be ready to the increase of your blockchain and fiat transaction volume. Minimize manual work and have no headaches

AML transaction monitoring

Our system thoroughly monitors all shareholders and key personnel of your client and detects if they are:

  • Global sanctions list
  • Politically exposed persons (PEP) list
  • In other custom watch-lists
  • You will be notified immediately if client status changes
KYC re-check... Daily re-check completed


  • PEP check OK
  • Sanctions OK
  • Residence OK
KYC re-check... Daily re-check completed


  • PEP check OK
  • Sanctions OK
  • Residence OK

Blockchain transaction monitoring

When one transaction or thousands of them come, they are checked in real-time by the multi-factor risk matrix to produce the final risk-score:

  • Daily / monthly limit per a client
  • Payment country risk for fiat and crypto transactions
  • Suspicious patterns matching
  • Blockchain transaction score and implied risk-factors
    (provided by the partners)
  • Company-related custom risks
08-26 03:55:26 Txid: 0egxc5459s0egxc5459s0egxc5459s0egx... flag 1,000.001,000 ETH Risk

Transaction is classified as high-risk due to the fact that 40% of the funds came from the dark web and 6% came from hacking

08-26 03:55:26 Txid: d3ig4v9597930cjgklc60340fkkvkbkdd3ig... flag 100.00100.00 BNB
08-26 03:55:26 Txid: 99910004055419991... flag 200,000.00200,000 EUR
08-26 03:55:26 Txid: elfl50420709vkdclhle59207044793xcelfl... flag 55 BTC
08-26 03:55:26 Txid: 0egxc5459s0egxc5459s0egxc5459s0egx... flag 500,000.00500,000 USDT

Supported blockchains

token BSC (BEP20)
token Dash
token Tezos
token Bitcoin
token Etherium
token Litecoin
token Tron
token Bitcoin Cash
token XRP

Coming soon

token Dogecoin
token Cardano
token BNB (BEP2)
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